As a matter of practice, it's best to straighten your arms before you reach for the sky. A mind twister or maybe a brain twister. Mind tricks are one way to fire up new neurons in order to force the brain to keep developing. Redundant activity leads to stale ideas and a brain stuck in time. Same with the body.

My friends at Impulse Sport Therapeutics have created a space for people who believe a well-rounded approach to wellness will help them in the long-run. Here in Canada, we, declare February as Mental Health awareness month and the biggest player is Bell's Let's Talk.

Inspired by the community led efforts my friend Nick Lendvoy decided he wanted to be part of the
team leading a push for more awareness around mental health and he created the Mental Health Series. His goal is to make sure everyone knows that they have options and that no one is alone.

The project is a collaboration between Dr. Nick and the West Vancouver Chiropractor team that he is a part of. They are doing their best to create a wellness environment that is inclusive and a great resource for the community.

Yes, the month is over, however mental health issues are still going to be a topic that everyone should feel comfortable speaking about when necessary. Please continue to read and follow his blog.

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